slackline industries competition


Client: Slackline Industries

Slackline Industries (SI) is the premier brand in slacklining, providing a range of high-quality products to support the entire spectrum of slackline styles and users. SI is dedicated to leading the industry in standard-setting programming and product innovations that focus on performance, safety, education, and environmentally responsible etiquette, ultimately, “Putting our Values on the Line.”

ISI Slackline Judging is a slackline judging system that is made by slackliners and for slackliners in order to provide the most fair, transparent and objective slackline competitions as possible. Rules and regulations, trick scores, information on how to become a judge and results from ISI judged events can all be found on this website.

We built the most advanced scoring engine for scoring slackline competitions. The application works offline, in the browser, by saving data to the browser. Once the user is back online, data is synced to a remote database and displayed to all users. Users have different permissions ranging from "judge" to "admin" to "competitor." Among other things, Judges and Admins have the ability to create/save Score Cards for competitors. Competitors are able to play with a demo Score Card and view what their scores might be for a given combination of tricks.

slackline industries score card