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Who Are You?

Alkami is a team of entrepreneurs and passionate, well-rounded developers looking to help you connect with your next big idea: a new web app, an improved website experience, or a piece of custom software to increase profits or help things run more smoothly.

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What Is Your Mission?

Technology should be accessible. Small businesses, early stage companies, and pre-revenue startups all need and deserve high-quality software development. Getting it shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. We are passionate about providing quality web and app development at rates that are fair to our clients and sustainable for our team. We are not a consultancy; we are your partners on an adventure to new possibilities.


Our Skills

The ones that pay the bills


Our people are multilingual problem solvers. here are some of the technologies we're proficient in: Ruby On Rails, Test Driven Development, Agile methodologies, REST, API's, PostgreSQL, Redis, Web-Scraping, Oauth, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, JavaScript, React, Node, Express, WebSockets, HTML5 Canvas, New Relic, Skylight, Chrome Dev-Tools, WordPress, Static Blog Generators, Shopify eCommerce and third party payment processing tools.


Want to hear our dirty little secret? We love design! Users typically only see the front-end of an app/website and we want their first impression to be extraordinary. At Alkami, we know usability is a crucial part of a user’s experience and we take great pride in designing cool, simple interfaces. We're proficient in SCSS, Bohemian Sketch, Mobile First Design, and UX/UI principles


Communication is key to any team. And when we’re working with you, we treat your project just like our own. We keep our clients very involved with our teams and processes; in fact, we are confident we’ll be one of the most transparent teams you’ll ever work with. You’ll know exactly where your project stands, where it's going, and how quickly. And you’ll always have access to us via email, telephone, and to the project chat channel.

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Let's Talk About Your Project

The best way to get started is a quick chat, either over coffee, by phone, or via Skype. We'll get to know you and find out what you are trying to do, allow you to develop an impression of us, and together we’ll figure out if we are a good match.

We choose our projects carefully, seeking out not only people with great ideas who want to solve problems, but people who are passionate about what they do, because we certainly are.


Our Partners

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